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NordLog GmbH is a hands-on consulting company working in the fields of logistics, traffic, transport and tourism. It consults, develops and accompanies companies in close coordination with their goals, with freight transport as its prime focus.

Nordlog consults companies on single projects and on clarifying issues. It also provides management-on-demand activities, facilitates the transfer of know-how and techniques, and fulfils special project requirements. In most cases, Nord-Log helps promote business development: companies on the look-out for new prospects and new activities can often get this from external support. This is where NordLog comes into play.



Ulrich Krey has worked as a managing director and in other positions of responsibility in the traffic and transportation industries over many years. His focus however lies in tackling all matters relating to maritime projects and rail operations.

The professional spark for his consulting careers was provided by short sea shipping. In the consulting sector, this was followed by many varied projects relating to maritime and terrestrial transport chains.

His activities in Germany and in Scandinavia (including his role as Managing Director of railway undertakings in Germany and Denmark) enable him to understand matters through the eyes of those responsible as well as through the eyes of the consultant. Practicality and pragmatism are his forte.

The combination of practical experience and theoretical approaches is what distinguishes Nordlog.


Recent Projects

  • Development of new business areas for a railway undertaking
  • Consulting harbour-based companies and intermodal service providers
  • Supporting German companies tapping new markets in Northern Europe
  • Supporting Scandinavian companies in Germany
  • Setting up asset management companies
  • Mediating and consulting on the deployment of locomotives in new projects
  • Procuring, managing and leasing locomotives
  • Mediating rolling stock and appliances for track construction and systems
  • Conducting research and other preparations for market launches in new regions
  • Conducting analyses of competition and environment and running background research
  • Consulting and evaluating intermodal traffic projects on behalf of EU /GD Research

For successful and coordinated consulting and development work it is vital to connect a wide range of experience and activity. This is equally so of an interdisciplinary Network because tasks can only be effectively and sustainably tackled when specific issues are bundled with other experience and approaches. Not least because benchmarking aspects can often play a key role here. To facilitate this broader approach, there has to be a network.

Given his experience in operational business and in consulting, Ulrich Krey has built up an international network over the years. He has contacts and connections in various countries and across a variety of industries, and can boast growing networks in Germany, EU countries and primarily Scandinavia.